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Traditional Catholic Architecture

Traditional Catholic Architecture: McCrery Architects


McCrery Architects, LLC provides its clients with architectural services that contribute to the centuries-long unfolding of artistic and architectural excellence.

The firm’s work ranges in scale from the statue pedestal for President Reagan to be placed in the rotunda of the United States Capitol to the master plan of more than 500 thousand square feet of mixed use development in the heart of Washington, DC. The firm is currently engaged on a significant commission in the city of Chicago. The firm’s design style is not narrowly defined except to say that the firm is committed to Tradition. McCrery Architects has worked in the Gothic, Neo-Classical, Beaux Arts, Early Christian, Baroque and many other styles. The approach to each style is to truly understand the style’s history and uses so that the style is properly put to use in service.

McCrery Architects, LLC is the professional architecture practice of James McCrery. James is considered an expert practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in classical architecture and successful projects spanning the United States. McCrery Architects, LLC is located in Washington, DC. Mr. McCrery is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Review Boards (NCARB).

Some current projects

Saint Mary’s Academy and College
New Church for the Society of Saint Pius X
Saint Mary’s, Kansas

Designed to replace the historic Immaculata Chapel Ruins, this entirely new Church will be built at the very heart of the SMAC campus. It’s Gothic architecture embraces and extends the Church’s architectural heritage. The Church is situated within the campus such that it forms the focus of each of the surrounding schools while presenting all the Academy and College to the town of Saint Mary’s and the broader, surrounding countryside. Future and current buildings are all organized with respect to the new Church.

New Church – 24,000sq. ft.
Seats 1,300

Some portfolio

Ukrainian Catholic Church of Our Loving Mother
Conyers, Georgia

Designed under the auspices of Bishop Robert Moskul, Eparch of Parma, this small church is designed to be quite dramatic. The church is sited in a meadow of rolling farmland and is designed in a manner that fully participates in the Eastern theology of the church as an icon of Christ’s Mystical Body. This project began as a commission while James McCrery was principal at Franck Lohsen McCrery Architects. The commission is now a current project at McCrery Architects. Groundbreaking is slated for Autumn 2009.

The project awaits approvals from the local jurisdiction.


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